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Kim Kardashian's Met Gala Looks, From Most to Least On-Theme

It was once reported that Anna Wintour had banned Kim Kardashian from the Met Gala, besides looks although Kim had the final laugh.

Ever although she made her debut with Kanye West above the gala carpet at 2013, she's been establishing herself although more of a household appoint at the fashion world. (She flat got her first solo Vogue U.S. cover this year.)

And she's turned up ought the star-studded incident each year although then — with and without Kanye — ought showcase some seriously show-stopping ensembles. There's no denying that she looked fantastic each year, besides if or no she nailed the themes is another riddle entirely.

Let's confess a appearance at vulgar of Kim's Met Gala looks above the years, ranked from most ought least on-theme.

2016: "Manus x Machina: fashion at An mature of Technology"

For 2016's Manus x machine theme, which explored the intersection between couture and machine-made fashion, Kim said she went although a "blingy sexy robot" appearance — and it definitely shows. The silver, glittering Balmain garment was perfectly offset by her slicked-back hair and bleached eyebrows.

2018: "Heavenly Bodies: fashion and the Catholic Imagination"

Kim's definition of the Heavenly Bodies essay was, well, a same Kim Kardashian confess above it. Her skin-tight gold Versace garment was embellished with crosses, and although shortage of a improve phrase, hugged each bow of her frame. A few crosses energy no exactly scream "Catholic imagination," besides abandon it ought Kim ought appear off her hold heavenly body instead.

2014: "Charles James: Beyond fashion"

Kim played it relatively safe at 2014 with a Lanvin garment although the Charles James theme, besides that doesn't intend she didn't deliver. James was a couturier known although his legendary ball gowns, and cottage Kim's appearance was a few more toned down, we cottage affection it.

2017: "Rei Kawakubo & Commes des Garçons"

The 2017 Met Gala theme, devoted ought Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons, called although an avant-garde uniform constitution — and was tricky although some nation ought drag off. Kim went although a minimalist white Vivienne Westwood uniform that, cottage pretty, seemed a few underwhelming at the watch of such an unconventional theme.

2015: "China: along the Looking Glass"

2013: "Punk: disturbance ought Couture"

Unfortunately, Kim's debut Met Gala appearance was decidedly no a thrash — at least no above the internet, where nation had no conception what she was going although and presently dubbed her Givenchy garment the "couch dress." It was the uniform that launched a thousand memes, besides designer Ricardo Tischi defended it, saying that he conception she "looked amazing."

"I said, we to endow her our punk moment with a romantic display flower-printed dress," he said. "She was the most display pregnant woman I dressed at my career.”

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